Speech of the Ambassador:

Your Excellency, Doyen of our Diplomatic Corp, Ambassador accredited to Slovenia, Knights and Chaplains of the Order Ladies and Gentlemen, A warm welcome to you also on behalf of my confreres of our Embassy and Association in Slovenia at the traditional festivity for our National Day of St. John the Baptist. I would like to thank in particular H.E. The Apostolic Nuncio, H.E. The Archbishop of Ljubljana for having celebrated the Holy Mass and for his kind words in his homely. I would also address my thanks to the Government Authorities for their interest and appreciation towards the social and diplomatic activities carried out by our Embassy and by the Association of the Slovenian Knights. I thank Brigadier General Pograjc, now acting Cheef of Staff, not only to be here with us today, but for his big support to our Embassy distributing aids to poor families with the army volunteers’ help. Our sovereignty is a guarantee of the authority and autonomy needed to best perform our work. On the world scene our role is that of a “humanitarian institution” that exists and acts to give the poor and marginalized a voice, without hidden agendas or political and economic interests. Our long-standing impartiality gives credit to our intentions, and the trust it manages to inspire ensures that our initiatives are widely appreciated. The network of bilateral relations that you and our ambassadors in over 100 countries are building together year by year is as always a precious support for the effectiveness and efficiency of the aid we give. Some of the latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World: – In Italy at Lampedusa for the Mediterranean Migrand Crisis where the Order of Malta become New Associate State at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Medierranean. – In Syria for the refugies. – In Peru for the Rural Communities along the Rio Napo – In Cambodia on the frontline in Leprosy Teatment – In Northen Irak with a new medical center – In Ivory coast with a new Hospital – In Nepal for the Earthquake establishing a field Hospital – In Indonesia and Myamar for the refugis In 2015 Our Grand Master made official visits, to the Philippines, in Albania, in Malta and Portugal. In Februay Cardinal Vallini opened the Cause of Beatification of Frà Andrew Bertie our previous Grand Mater. On the 8th of November 2014 the Holy Father has appointed Cardinal Burke as our new “Cardinalis Patronus” as his representative to the Sovereign Order. My compliments to His Excellency the Prime Minister Dr. Cerar whom I met when he paid visit to the Holy Father in May. Congratulation to the Ambassador Tomaz Kunstelj, who has just presented the credential to the Holy Father and to His Eminent Highness the Prince and Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing. Dear Ambassadors and distinguished guests, thank you for coming and please accept my personal sincere wishes, as well as for your families.

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