Reception at the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana

The Ambassador with the President of the Slovenian Association and the Knights and Dame

Ambassadors Accredited to Slovenia

The Italian Ambassador, Knight of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,H.E. Count Alessandro Pietromarchi and H.E. the Ambassador of Portugal in the first row

The procession is entering in to the Cathedral of St. Nicholasl

The Celebrant H.E. The Apostolic Nuncio Mons. Juliusz Janusz Archbishop tit. of Caorle and H.E. The Archbishop Metropolit of Ljubljana Mons. Anton Stres Conv. Chap. of Gr. Cr. ad Honorem of The Sovereign Military Order of Malta assisting at the Holy Mass for St. John the Baptist

H.E. The Apostolic Nuncio

H.E. The Apostolic Nuncio and Mons. Joze Plut Military Chief Vicar

The Ambassadors at the reception

The Ambassador with the Knight of Mag.Gr. Prof. Lovro Šturm former Minister of Justice of Slovenia and his wife

H.E. The Apostolic Nuncio listening to the welcome speech of the Ambassador

The speech of H.H. The Ambassador Prince Windsich-Graetz and the Minister Counsellor Prof. Alberto Bochicchio

H.E. The Italian Ambassador with The Minister Counsellor of the Emassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Maltah

Mr. Matjaz Zigon, Secretary of the Embassy with Father Damjan and the Major of Bistrica ob Sotli

The Ambassador of Cyprus with the Ambassador of the Czech Republic with the First Secretary of the Nunciature

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