Speech for the Farewell Reception for The Ambassador of Greece

H.E. Nicola Protonotarios

Dear Ambassador Nicola Protonotarios.

Your Excellency’s, Dear Colleagues Ambassadors,

I have the honour, as temporary Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Accredited to the Republic of Slovenia to greet all of you, and especially Your Excellency the Ambassador Protonotarios as he brings to a conclusion his duties as an Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia.

Dear Ambassador Protonotarios,

we all appreciated your kindness and often useful advise. Your duty in Slovenia was appreciated not only because of your professional engagement but also because of your discretion and cordiality.

We all enjoyed your friendship and the kind relations that you and your wife Christine established with the members of the Diplomatic Corps. We all acknowledge also the important presence of Christine at your side and the contribution she has successfully offered as a SILA member. It is sure that we are going to miss you both.

Your very impressive curriculum is clearly pointing out your dedication and the trust you gained in carrying out your Mission.

You started your diplomatic career at:

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs as attaché of Embassy

Directorate for European Communities, MFA, Third Secretary

Greek Embassy in Pretoria as Third, Second and First Secretary of Embassy

Greek Embassy in Beirut as Second and First Counselor of Embassy

Directorate of Human Rights, MFA as First Counselor

Greek Embassy in Dublin as First Counselor

Consulate General of Greece in Rio De Janeiro as Consul General

Directorate for Justice, Home Affairs and Schengen, MFA as First Counselor

Ministry of Merchant Marine as Diplomatic Counselor to the Minister

Directorate for NATO, MFA as First Counselor and Minister Plenipotentiary

Ambassador of Greece to Ethiopia, Permanent Representative to the African Union

Ambassador of Greece to Slovenia

Education: Bachelor of Science in International Relations, London School of Economic. Master of Arts in Western European Integration, University of Reading

Let me express my personal admiration for your beautiful country and the many friends I have there since I was a young child. Really Greece is full of beauty, history and wisdom for human thought.

Dear Ambassador, this summer we were very upset and saddend by the Mati fire tragedy; this kind of tragedies always leaves its scar: speaking on behalf of all diplomats present here today I would like to express once again our sincere support to you and your Country and our prayers for the victims.

Thank you again and wishing you all the best for your personal and professional future.

I’m now handing you over the traditional farewell silver plate on behalf of the Diplomatic Corps in Slovenia and flowers for your amiable wife.

With the best wishes for your personal and professional future,

God Bless you and your Family.

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